Technology Transfer

Transfer of technical expertise between the emergence of research and development results, patents etc. and their use in the combination process of the production factors.

Technology Transfer is the institutional term for the methodical, commercial or state supported process of assigning technology within a limited period of time.

The transfer is carried out by legal act (license know-how contract etc.). The Technology Transfer takes place between companies or between industrial countries and between industrial and developing countries.


  1. Technical expertise, blueprints, patents, licenses, know-how
  2. Technological placement of the objects in the form of special machinery, equipment, and other goods through to “ready to use factories”
  3. Training of staff on general technic or on the transferred system
  4. Allocated capital up until the compensation transaction

Technology Transfer reduces the discrepancy between the potential and the actual degree of utilization.
The Technology Transfer also is an important element for the promotion of developing countries.

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